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Grab a cup of something warm and yummy and pull up a chair. Look around the site and see if something catches your eye (and heart.) I’ve listed various items to help you heal and find your own kind of zen. Now take your time, let’s get to know each other.. the world can wait. If you don’t see what you need for healing, contact me and I can make something special for you. 

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About Farrah


I’m Farrah Michelle, the creator and devoted gatekeeper of The Divine Femme. I am a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, Tantra Yoga Instructor, Clinical Hypnotherapist in training, wild-wise woman, Reiki Healer II, ThetaHealer DNA II, artist & designer. I help people find their personal magic, hear  their callings, and make the changes their souls desire. My work is deep, powerful, playful, sacred, and I absolutely adore it.                                                                        

I’ve been using crystals in my healing work for 8 years now. I call my art the Crystal Medicine because I prescribe crystals for healing everyday ailments, personal and emotional issues. Crystals have helped me to shift my vibration and the vibration of countless others using frequency and resonance to heal and grow in so many areas of our lives. The crystal designs available at The Divine Femme are created with the intention that the wearer may get connected, heal themselves, vibrate high, evolve, and live life with passion.

It is my inner knowing that if people evolve themselves (mind, body, soul, spirit) and live their lives with passion, intention and love our whole world will evolve and change for the good.

Thank you for your continued love & support.


About The Divine Femme ~ Boutique


The Divine Femme honors the Sacred Divine Feminine energy and creative force within our world.  We respect this power and use it to empower women to vibrate higher than they ever have by wearing crystals & jewelry with high resonating power. You are encouraged to be beautiful, express your divinity, and live with passion as you wear these jewels. Confidence, beauty, and love are your birthright. You are royal because you breathe; happy because you can feel your worth; and wealthy because you know everything you need is within you. You are in perfect health and experiencing deep healing by wearing our designs. Our wish is that you heal yourself, love yourself, and share your talents and gifts with the world.  

My story ~ How I found my magic… 

It’s pretty simple actually…

I was lost in the turned up, demanding, worship of busy culture around me and I lost touch with what made me happy. I felt overloaded, overstimulated, and overwhelmed with living the American dream in the glam of Palm Beach society! Wrapped up in the illusion of success... I realized I had no peace. 


At one time I owned an entertainment magazine and I was co-owner of a modeling agency in West Palm Beach, Florida. I became so disconnected from myself and stressed out with the false demands of love, hip-hop and the fashion industry that I had to stop and reconnect to my true self. I began to yearn for something more. I began reading ancient books, bucking the system of normality and questioning everything that I had been taught…


I learned to meditate. I began ego & shadow work to find my hidden blockages so that I could heal myself. I began to practice yoga. I practiced forgiveness for myself and others. I stopped eating foods & products made with GMO’s,  fluoride and other ingredients I couldn't understand. I began using crystals consciously, healing my Chakras, studying metaphysics, alchemy, Ayurveda and ancient civilizations. I went back to school to earn my bachelor’s degree in psychology. (Smiling & dancing in graduation picture - above right!) And then I continued on currently finishing up my Masters in Mind-Body Medicine. 

I tossed my old life of average and choose a new life of adventure. For the first time I listened to my soul’s desires and callings and committed to creating a magical life for myself ~ one full of meaning, happiness, vibrancy, wonder, purpose, passion and most of all love.  

That was in 2008. Since that time, I’ve awakened to a life of truth, love, abundance and awareness. I learned to embody my life and trust my inner wisdom and intuition. I healed. I healed on all levels mind, body, soul and spirit. My heart healed. I learned forgiveness. My soul healed. I surrendered. Through tantra yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying with sacred medicines, chakra healing, radical honesty, shadow work and self-love over the years, I woke up. I experienced the event that sages throughout time have shared in poetry and in spiritual writings. This illumination began with a series of Kundalini awakenings that began at 17 years old and culminated into an experience of Pure Light on the weekend of my birthday in August of 2015. I became One. Pure Oneness. Pure Light. Pure Stillness. Oscillating. Sound. Pure Consciousness. Pure Love. I can still feel it. I experienced no-thing I can describe with words and everything. I was at the beginning of us. Inside Nirvana. The Diamond White Light.  

I was given access. One with All Things. The Limitless Light. Brahman. Being. Ik Onkar. The Divine Feminine.God. The Divine Masculine. The Supreme Reality. All at Once. Whatever name you choose to use. I went home. I gained access to Our True Self. I was able to remain there for a little while and then I returned. I returned with the knowing. The feeling, the sight, the sound. I remember.

There is a path back home and it is within us. 

I believe that everyone can/will have this profound experience of Oneness and Love if they choose to. It is a choice. 

My journey of awakening has been life long and phenomenal. I wanted nothing more than to know. This desire to know started a never ending cycle of conscious growth and seeking. I began searching for myself and I found us All. We are One. 

Enlightenment, Inner peace, happiness, balance, stillness, power, connection and embodiment are all experiences that we can evolve into.  

What I’ve experienced on my journey of awakening has allowed me to change my life, my relationships, my career, my levels of happiness, abundance, and intelligence. I've learned to express a new way of living that glorifies love, light, inner peace, healing, and sharing. Instead of being "busy" all the time, today, I live in the Now & it feels magnificent! :)

The Divine Femme is an expression of my creativity and a desire to share the magical mystery of awakening, crystals, and self-healing with others.

My jewelry collections, meditations, e-classes, and blogs are designed to help you explore, claim, and live your personal magic. Everything we offer at The Divine Femme is naturally infused with healing, meaning, and Goddess energy. At their heart, my offerings help you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition, as well as the natural world around you, so you will always know your power and remember who you are. This is where the real magic and adventure begins.

Yes, you really can create a glowing, authentic, magical life that is rich and satisfying while still being part of the modern world around you.  You can be conscious and fashionable! Wearing healing gems crafted by Mother Earth herself is a beautiful way to reawaken the mystery of The Divine Feminine within you. 


A bit more about me...

Currently, I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I'm in the throws of earning my master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University. I’m a trained and certified Tantra Yoga Instructor (I trained in Goa, India in 2015) I'm a  Reiki II Healer, ThetaHealing DNA II Healer, Crystal healer, and I create guided imagery and sound healing meditations.  

I have logged over 7 years facilitating meditation groups and conducting research in the fields of metaphysics, psychology, mind-body medicine, chakra healing, peak-states, Goddess studies, ritual power, imagery, sacred knowledge, symbolism, quantum physics and so much more.

Before opening The Divine Femme, I have been honored to coach, mentor, and guide many beautiful individuals in their professional, personal & spiritual lives.

My magical power is an uncanny knack for seeing beneath the surface of people's pain and life events with non-judgement. I help people to solve their problems through radical honesty and self love. As a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist I teach individuals happiness techniques, self-love and self care. I help people with balancing and exploring themselves on the levels of mind, body, soul and spirit.  

My offerings here at The Divine Femme are an outgrowth of that training and experience blended with my love for humanity, The Infinite, ancient and modern myths, crystals and stones, feng shui, sacred home-making, the natural world, hand-crafts, and sharing Universal Wisdom.   

I believe we all have sacred and joyful work to do here on our majestic Mama Earth and each of us has our individual path we are called to walk.

Are you ready to bring your magic to life, walk your path and live your purpose? 


I'm here to help you!  Personal evolution awaits:)

Welcome Home,

Farrah Michelle

The Divine Femme

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