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According to Arabian folklore, a genie's lamp held a magical spirit called a genie which could help or hinder those who encountered it. The best known tale involving a genie lamp is that of Aladdin, who rubbed the lamp to summon the genie and grant him wishes. Like angels, genies represent beings which exist beyond our realm of perception. Genie lamps thus signify a connection between the physical world the spiritual world.

Deeper Meaning of the Mythology

Ancient wisdom teachings were often taught in parables and stories, with the deeper esoteric wisdom hidden within the story.

In the case of the magic lamp, the human body is the vessel (the lamp). The oil inside that allows the lamp to be lit and to shine with light, comes from white light energy residing both within the body and without in the aura.

When the student learns how to connect with this energy, the sacred oil inside is stimulated through thought and conscious energy, which “enlightens” the soul and brings forth the mind, body and spirit connection.   The genie, who answers our call, represents the “genius” inherent in each person.

When our mind is raised to this vibrational energy, it connects with our higher self and we receive information from the genius level of our mind, which brings forth the information to fulfill our greatest creative desires and dreams in order to make them “come true” on the earth plane.

The ancient priests and priestesses of Egypt, Greece, India and other mystery school cultures taught these secrets on how to raise the energy in your body through active visualization and energy work in the auric bodies. As the student works to increase the white light energy in the auric body and the chakras, this energy allows the chakra gates to open and the kundalini to rise naturally of its own accord.

As each chakra area is balanced within, the area is affected by the laws of friction/(rubbed) in order to purify and balance the area until it achieves the full potential of its abilities and motion. At this point, the gateways clear for the sacred golden oil and energy to move up the spinal column on the journey up to the pineal gland and third eye.  The pineal gland is affected by light and as the inner light rises, it opens this area and stimulates the gland to allow for the opening of the sacred temple along the two hemispheres, where the third eye now sees clearly.

At this level of progression, the student has learned of all the riches available within, which are more sacred than what they may have originally wished for at the start.  They are then advised to make three wishes (declarations), one each for the mind, body and spirit to go forward with their dreams and desires.

The light, which shines from this magic lamp area of the third eye, is now open and engaged with the higher consciousness as the gateway to the spirit realms and to the ideas, concepts and intuition from the higher self, guides and the genius/muse level is now accessible.

With this in mind, use the symbolism of the Genie in the Lamp and meditate on what magic lies dormant within you, that you have only to recognize and awaken?