• The Divine Femme Goddess Essentials Monthly Subscription


    The Divine Femme Goddess Essentials is a divinely curated experience to nurture the Goddess within you.  This box is designed to inspire a deepening of your spiritual practice and an awakening of your inner Goddess. 

    With the items in this subscription you can create sacred space inside and out with 4-7 quality items delivered to you monthly.

    Meditations, crystals, bath salts, massage oils and so much more. Each box is designed to take you deeper into yourself and you path with a related ritual or meditation to assist you in your evolutionary journey.  

    Boxes are shipped monthly and include 4- 7 of the following items: 

    • A piece of Divine Femme Jewelry (Necklace, ring, bangle, crown or earrings)
    • Meditation tools
    • Items to help activate and cleanse your chakras
    • Figurines of Goddesses, Buddhas and other Divine beings
    • Symbols, talismans and oracles
    • Crystals vibrating with properties that can be used for healing and manifestation
    • Adornments, and conscious products for your body temple
    • Goddess Cards 
    • Sage
    • Incense
    • Aromatherapy 
    • and many more soulful items...

    It’s time for you to remember, to re-connect and to re-awaken your Goddess nature!

    Warriors, healers, teachers, nurturers, mothers, daughters, sisters it’s time to come together & to unite in sisterhood. We are not here to fight, we are not here to change the world, we are here to change ourselves, and in changing ourselves, the world will change one woman at a time, then one community at a time.

    It is my pleasure, purpose and honor to offer these tools that will help you find your way back to your true self, to open all your chakra energy centers, to let go of conditioning and fear; so that you feel worthy to celebrate YOU, so that you can tap more deeply into your personal power and your feminine flow.

    It is my honor to assist you to reclaim your natural birth right that history has denied you, and reawaken the manifesting power of the Divine Goddess through the power of your mind, heart and your body as your sacred temple.

    The Goddess Awakening is happening now. Let us support you on your journey of awakening through crystal energy and products designed to aid you on your path toward enlightenment.