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The Divine Femme is a conscious lifestyle brand providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope. Each piece combines energy and intention to help you achieve a desired outcome.

*All crystals are cleansed with water, sage and the DNA healing vibration 528 Hz.

*Colors and shades may vary as each stone is different.



Note: Crystals are a natural formation from the earth. This means that there will be a variation in color, size, and shape with ALL crystal products in the store.

Return Policy: If your product is damaged in transit or you are otherwise unhappy with your purchase, you can either exchange your item(s) for something else of equal or lesser value or return it for store credit. Please email our customer service team at within 15 days of receiving your package with a description & photo of the item or items you are looking to exchange or return for store credit. All of our products are handmade & one of a kind which means there are limited stock quantities. Please note that we are unable to provide return packaging or postage at this time. All return shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer. We suggest using the United States Postal Service for return packages.


These are some of the more common questions we see come our way, but if these do not address your question, please reach out to our Customer Service team via the contact form here.


What are Crystals?

Scientifically speaking… Crystals are created by The Earth arranging atoms and groups of atoms within itself in regular repeating patterns connecting together in exactly the same way over and over again. Diamonds, quartz, ruby’s and amethyst are popular crystals that people wear to express their unique beauty and to vibrate high. Kings, Queens, Priests and all castes of royalty throughout the ages have worn crystals and precious gems expressing wealth and magnificence as they led people and ruled over nations. This is because crystals are scientifically known for their high vibrational qualities and their ability to release this high vibration and share it with anyone wearing crystals or near them through resonance. (Resonance, for those of you who love to know more, is in physics a phenomenon that happens when a vibrating system or external force (the crystal) drives another system (you) to oscillate with greater fullness at a high frequency.) Each crystal has a unique vibrational signature and we have created our jewelry with this in mind. 


What is The Divine Femme? adjective  di·vine  \də-ˈvīn\  |    noun \ˈfem\

The Divine Femme is short for The Divine Feminine Principal which is the unseen feminine energy present in All Things. The Divine Feminine principle is in expression when you notice the qualities of nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, strength, power, and beauty.

Where is The Divine Feminine?

Sometimes referred to as Yin Energy, The Divine Feminine energy is evident in every culture throughout the course of time. She is One represented as many. She appears as the Goddess in all Earth traditions historical, mystical, mythical, and magical. She is the primal Mother Earth which we live and feed upon. She is Shakti, Lakshmi, and Kali; all light, life, abundance, and destruction. She is Isis, Maat, Sekhmet the Egyptian goddesses of magic, fertility, motherhood, power and beauty.  She embodies each of the Greek Goddesses, appears in the Bible as the dove of the Holy Spirit, as Lilith and Mary Magdalene. She's the exotic and mysterious Black Madonna’s of pre-Christian Goddess traditions. She was known in present day time as Sojourner Truth, women's rights activist. Harriet Tubman the freer of the slaves. Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Me, You and women worldwide all are representations of The Divine Feminine energy. There have been great compassionate men such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi & Alan Watts who also reflect The Divine Feminine energies. 

How can The Divine Femme help me to heal?

When something needs attention or is out of balance, The Divine Feminine communicates through the body, the emotions and our thoughts.  When we are not listening or heeding her warnings, we feel depressed, sad, disconnected, unloved, our life is out of balance and our pain grows.  Out of balance and ignored, The Divine Feminine within us loses self-respect, discernment and the ability to feel and love herself. She forgets who she is.  

Our fullest potential as humans is found in the weaving and balancing of our inner and outer worlds. This weaving and balancing of energies is sometimes called Tantra. Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom and energy.  However, sometimes one or both of these energies is out of balance, silenced, wounded by abuse, misunderstood or disrespected. The Healthy Divine Feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility.  Feminine intuition is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all have it when we are in balance.  Our intuition leads us in the right direction every time. Do you want to improve your inner listening skills to honor this aspect of yourself? Are you ready to awaken and balance your Divine Feminine energies?




When will I receive my order?

Our studio receives countless orders daily. All of our products are handmade, and packaged with care and love by The Divine Femme team. When you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email and invoice. During the following business day, we will begin putting your package together.

Once your order is fully compiled we will alert USPS that your order is ready. When the USPS facility receives your package, you will be emailed with your tracking number. When you receive your tracking number, your parcel is with USPS, and on its way to you! Let us know if you have any issues with your tracking number, or questions about shipping procedure.


* For domestic shipping please allow 5-7 business days from ship date to arrival.

* For international shipping, please allow 6-14 days from ship date to arrival. Please consider customs processing, and the time that takes.

*Current turnaround time for handmade special orders please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Please keep in mind that weather conditions could affect arrival time.


I need my order by (xx/xx/xxxx)! Can I pay for rush processing + shipping?

Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite processing, or upgrade shipping options at the moment. If you shoot us an email with when you need your items by, we will do our very best to make sure they get to you on time, however we ask that you please keep in mind standard USPS shipping estimates.


 Where can I track my package?

You can track your order on 


I gave the wrong shipping address - what should I do?

Please reach out to us immediately! We will update your shipping information and make sure that your package gets to the right place.


Do you accept Visa/Amex/MasterCard, etc.?

At the moment we only accept PayPal because it is the safest payment option for you. We care about the protection of your identity, personal information, and payment information. If you have concerns with using PayPal, please visit their site directly. 


How do I care for my jewelry & crystals?

Our jewelry is highly durable, but it is suggested that you treat them with relative care. To maintain the pieces for years, please avoid wearing the jewelry in water, and remove while sleeping or exercising. The patina may naturally darken over time, and a polishing cloth can be used to return the metal to its original coloring. 

Some crystals may need to be cleansed of energy. You can feel it when they need to be cleansed. When this is necessary you can use sage (found in Lifestyle) to cleanse your crystals and set them on your window seal to bask in the moonlight for an extra charge of energy. If your jewelry is 14 karat gold or sterling silver, you may opt to cleanse your jewelry in a variety of ways based on the metal used in its creation. If your jewelry is not made with a precious metal using any cleaners or harsh abrasives may damage your jewelry. 

If you have crystal healing stones (unattached to metal) you can choose to cleanse them in a variety of ways. As long as it is a natural, raw, or a tumbled stone you can rinse it in water, use sage, the sound frequency 528 Hz, moonlight, sunlight and even brown rice to rest your crystals in for a night or two. Any of these will recharge your crystals for use in again in a couple of days.  


How can I find out my ring size? 

Most of our rings are adjustable although we also offer rings in whole sizes. Every ring is hand formed in U.S. ring sizes. This is a great resource if you need additional help confirming your ring size:

Do you offer Gift Cards?

We do not currently offer Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, or E-Gift Cards. If you are looking to get a gift, but are unsure about what to get, please reach out to our Customer Service team with a little description of who you’re shopping for (birth date — to determine sun sign, interests, hobbies, etc.). We are happy to help!


Where can I find the specific properties of crystals/essential oils?

We are very excited to now be carrying a number of books to aid in the educational aspect of your journey with crystal healing and metaphysical well-being! Check out the Lifestyle tab on our site to see which pieces of literature are best for you! Also, our team in the studio are an excellent resource to your questions regarding specific products. If you have a question about a crystal you’ve received, please take a picture of it and send it along to us; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our interpretation of the stone!


My product broke/arrived damaged! What should I do?

Your happiness is of utmost importance to us. Please take a picture of the product and attach it in an email to our Customer Service team so we can help you out as soon as possible!


There’s a specific product that I am interested, when will it be back in stock?

In most cases, our sold out products will be restocked within a few weeks, depending on the raw material’s availability. The best way to find out when an item is available again is to follow our Instagram (@thedivinefemme_) for daily product updates!


Where are your products sourced from?

All of our products and materials are fair trade sourced, our crystals mined worldwide and our lifestyle products are composed using certified organic materials, including essential oils, and base liquids. If you have any allergies or questions about ingredients, please reach out. We care about your spiritual health, as well as your physical.


Are you hiring?    

If you are interested in a career with The Divine Femme, please send us your resume and let us know how you want to be of service and follow our Instagram page (@TheDivineFemme_) to stay in the know about future opportunities!


Our company would like to wholesale your products/collaborate with you! Who should we reach out to?

Contact me at


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